Just watched a documentary Called; “Soul Of A Banquet” with Cecilia Chiang and Alice Waters

soulOfAbanquetA documentary that basically tried to celebrate the life’s efforts, and challenges, of an amazingly courageous Chinese restauranteur, and defector of Communist China. It was just awkward for me and even a little sad to watch. You got the sense that a couple of powerful foodies decided; “Hey the world needs to know about this before we lose her and her knowledge to time”, and then went about in attempting to canonize her in a documentary.
It was palpable that the filming of this matriarch of Chinese cuisine didn’t herself, appear to be in the flow of it. There was one part where Alice Water’s puts another portion of food on Mrs. Chiang’s plate earlier in the films informal dining scene, to which She’s say’s, “I have plenty already.
I wanted it to be so much more.
I wanted to see and hear more about Cecilias past in the states and maybe some interview with her daughter extolling moms culinary vision of classic Chinese food, past and present, but no. It just felt akin to me like, if I was to wheel out my grandfather to tell of his amazing story with his triumphs and challenges, trying to edify him for all the world to appreciate him like I do, and all the while during the course of making the film he would correct and talk over the praises of him, which in the end no matter the amount of editing would still make the documentary still feel awkward to watch. In the end I still give kudos for even attempting any kind of Visual presentation of a persons life.


Marauding seafood strikes again

And just like that, a gang of marauding seafood forced me by Shrimp point to sit down quietly, and eat lunch. What could I do, ever get pricked by a shrimp tail dipped in hot chili oil? It tingles like the dickens, and paralysis has been known to happen in small seahorses (pinky swear).
Ok the Shrimp would have to be U/5 sized, and most likely fired from a rail gun to do any real harm, but lunch is the most important part of the day, so they say, after; breakfast, a breakfast snack, pre-lunch amuse bouche) closing with 1 or 2 IV’s of espresso for good measure.
Alright Alright I see the writing on the phone, First thing Monday I’m checking myself into Betty Crocker’s for help……after Breakfast, that is. 😉


ROBIN WILLIAM’S: Find joyful rest and lasting peace now. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

robinWYou will be missed, but not forgotten as easily as our daily blips of news. Your sound bites became mantras to those trying to escape life’s momentous doldrums, and lulls of spirit. Of those you’ve touched in sorrowful states through nonsensical laughter. You made hopeful outlook and possibility a sensible conclusion. That even in the dark lit days of a life, laughter can illuminate the path for us, to get us through. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Happy Egg Day Everyone!!

Happy Egg Day Everyone!! Yes, it’s that time again of the year when we make merry with our little friend, the egg. Me? I got funky with some Flats of eggs today. Don’t bother calling all the King’s Horses and all the Kings Men, it’s too late for that. Some would say it was an actual Morning”Eggapalooza” going on. Toast and Butter were like “Hey go tell blueberry muffin and Mimosa that they are hot!!” And I’m like “whoa whoa whoa!! take it easy!!” Caligula’s chef would have blushed for sure. 😊 ( totally a true story ) 😉


The Chef and The mortal coil


Third Day slept away. Not counting going on tenth day after hiatal hernia surgery of nothing but, liquids. No crunchy, no chewy,No stringy. Not even a omg “thats too tough”. I’ve had beef broth, chicken broth, and vegetable broth. mixed a little of that broth with some of this broth with a pinch of, “who gives a rats fanny sack”, in the end it’s still just broth. Look for the next post entitled The Enchanted Porcelain Altar of Brackish(second cousin of Bacas) and ; The Never Ending Tractor beam of Doom”

Spinach Feta Pie You Won’t be Fed Up To The Eye With


Made a super yum yum for the tum tum today, a spinach pie with feta in a savory egg cream custard, that was silky yet firm and flavorful. I used sheets of puff pastry that I pre-baked until a speck of golden color was seen, removing from the oven and separating some of the layers of pastry, to be baked further in the oven until completely golden delicious.

Next I lined the bottom of baking pan with some of the crispy tender puff pastry, pouring the baby spinach, cream and egg mixture. concluding with another layer of puff pastry. This layer not as golden as the bottom. Taking in account of more baking soon to come.

Don’t Eat Strudel With Your Poodle? Or Hang At A Brothel Eating Falafel? Then Behold!!

Don’t Eat Strudel With Your Poodle? Or Hang At A Brothel Eating Falafel? Then Behold!!

You say you don’t eat strudel with your poodle. or hang at a Brothel eating Falafel. Then Behold. I give you “The Peekskill Coffee houses deliciously new Belgian Gold. Waffle Gold that is, Texas tea? not needed believe me. My piping hot waffle was golden, fluffy, and had a crispy snappy skin with tasty crunchy edges. Listen to Chef. Don’t even bother slowing your enjoyment down with Syrup. The waffles have the prefect amount of sweetness baked right in and absolutely cry out to be eaten syruptitious in the buff (syrup kids, keep your frock on). Any number of hot or cold Peekskill Coffee House beverages would be a good compliment to any of the various topped waffles. I had my waffle with a Latte (which was very good too). Check em out and let me know what you think.

I publicly admit to a problem


A Chefblog favorite
A Chefblog favorite
I publicly admit to a problem

It’s official. I am publicly admitting I have a problem. The problem is this; I can’t get enough of this stuff. I know what your thinking; Chef Marc”Just do funnels” right? No friends doing funnels is not the answer. First off theres the problem of the nose. . Ding ding ding you got it the nostrils. The nostrils are going to get the full brunt and Stingy power of whatever you’re doing in a funnelish way. Remember, The whole path of least resistance thing? That and the fact it just doesn’t look very dignified, The only person that I’m aware to date that can actually do a funnel in a graceful, debonair, if not in a metallic GQ kind of way would be ; “The Tin Man” from the wizard of Oz. Chances are though the Tin man would be more likely to be doing 40’s of WD, rather than internally rusting to a halt, from my some what obsessive citrus induced water preoccupation. Why do I like it so? It’s got a clean, crisp lemon flavor with a perfectly understated sweetness to it. If Sanpellegrino ever makes kegs of it’s fruit endowed sparkling libation I shall surely have a fortress made of it ( we’ve hide the names of the flavor to protect the fresh innocents of the other fab fruity flavors) . Tune in next week when we discuss the the virtues of wearing aluminum foil undergarments near microwave ovens (kidding)….;)