Happy Egg Day Everyone!!

Happy Egg Day Everyone!! Yes, it’s that time again of the year when we make merry with our little friend, the egg. Me? I got funky with some Flats of eggs today. Don’t bother calling all the King’s Horses and all the Kings Men, it’s too late for that. Some would say it was an actual Morning”Eggapalooza” going on. Toast and Butter were like “Hey go tell blueberry muffin and Mimosa that they are hot!!” And I’m like “whoa whoa whoa!! take it easy!!” Caligula’s chef would have blushed for sure. 😊 ( totally a true story ) 😉


Stop foodiecism ‘fu’d:e:sis:um


foodieist ‘fu’d:e:isit foodiecism ‘fu’d:e:sis:um
a person who believes that a particular food is superior to another. She was fearful of being called a foodieist. 
having or display beliefs that single out a particular food as being superior to another: we are investigating objections about foodieist belligerents at a culinary magazine. ©Marc Lamash 2014

Breading Eggplant Using The Standard Breading Technique

A quick video to show how to bread eggplant using “The Standard Breading Technique”, This method can be used in most breading and frying situations. Bread crumbs in video were Japanese styled panko bread crumbs and the oil temperature for deep frying was set to 375 degrees.

This video may be informative but is for entertainment purposes only.

Pulled Pork Eggplant Rollatini-ish


I had an idea for a pulled pork inspired Rollatini for dinner. Instead of the usual fair of ricotta cheese and tomato sauce I would choose a pulled pork that was slow cooked for 6 hours, along with a very good goat cheese from Sprout Brook Creek farm. Lastly I used a modified enchilada sauce that I had worked on over the course of a few months to get it where I really liked it a lot. Made it from scratch using tomato and a few varietals of chillies.


I publicly admit to a problem


A Chefblog favorite
A Chefblog favorite
I publicly admit to a problem

It’s official. I am publicly admitting I have a problem. The problem is this; I can’t get enough of this stuff. I know what your thinking; Chef Marc”Just do funnels” right? No friends doing funnels is not the answer. First off theres the problem of the nose. . Ding ding ding you got it the nostrils. The nostrils are going to get the full brunt and Stingy power of whatever you’re doing in a funnelish way. Remember, The whole path of least resistance thing? That and the fact it just doesn’t look very dignified, The only person that I’m aware to date that can actually do a funnel in a graceful, debonair, if not in a metallic GQ kind of way would be ; “The Tin Man” from the wizard of Oz. Chances are though the Tin man would be more likely to be doing 40’s of WD, rather than internally rusting to a halt, from my some what obsessive citrus induced water preoccupation. Why do I like it so? It’s got a clean, crisp lemon flavor with a perfectly understated sweetness to it. If Sanpellegrino ever makes kegs of it’s fruit endowed sparkling libation I shall surely have a fortress made of it ( we’ve hide the names of the flavor to protect the fresh innocents of the other fab fruity flavors) . Tune in next week when we discuss the the virtues of wearing aluminum foil undergarments near microwave ovens (kidding)….;)

Don’t be Loco!! Go Local!!


Lunch for ChefBlog’s Head Chef.
My wife and I are on a mini-vacation of sorts.
When our Prius touched down a few hours later at our arrival destination the first thing we did was go shopping for food at the local stores. On first impression of the town’s grocery stores exterior I thought, “hmm might be limited”. I wasn’t wrong it was limited. Here’s the thing though, the items the Grocer had were generally better looking and of higher quality than much larger stores that had seventeen versions of the same item. To which you have no idea of quality without tasting all of them.
There are lots of specialty farmers growing all sorts of things in and around this area of New York. While shopping I picked some simple food stuffs like bread, milk, meat and veggies without too much critical scrutiny.
We arrived to the house where we would be keeping the real world at bay while we recharged and grew back some butt that had gotten kicked or chewed off in the course of a reguler persons life. We ate out a few times and had the pleasure of eating great meals at friends and family’s homes while here on vacation.
Today for our lunch I wanted a burger but didn’t want to need a eight hour nap to digest and snap
Out of my burger coma. What I did diffently was make the burgers much thinner and wider than usual. I used Local Beef. Heirloom tomatoes from my Sister-in-law’s garden, locally produced Amish cheese, local lettuce along with some mushroom and diced, sautéed onion. The only part of the experience that wasn’t local were the out of town burger eaters being my wife and I.
I’m a big believer that you shouldn’t have to say anything about your food other than you personally enjoyed it. Others that eat your food are the ones that should use words like: “The Best”, “Great” and etc. I like to think of myself as being, ” Confidently Humble” when cooking.
Now, all that being said I have to say that the Mushroom Onion Heirloom Tomato Cheese Burger we had for our lunch was the best tasting burger I’ve personally have had in years or maybe ever! Not because of me necessarily.
The limited part I had in it was that I choose the items at the store which were local and amazing before i did anything to them.