Is eating a salad cruel?

If they could prove (if) that all plant life used for our for food felt pain or suffered when harvested/processed would it affect your dietary choices and how? The question isn’t meant to insight any hateful of emotionally  visceral response. I know how I feel about it. As a chef I would like to know what you think  and how you feel about about it. Remember this is not fact. It’s a question about if it would impact us profoundly or change in anyway eating choices and dietary lifestyles. Please share, Don’t scare.

For Those About To Can We Salute You!

For those who would like to can, read on and check the link.

Wasting food or throwing out just because we have too much to store in our refrigerators limited space isn’t a good enough excuse anymore. We live in times where the words Abundance and Plenty could easily change to words like Starving, or Hungry. Until the day when Apple rolls out iPreserver or Sony knocks the baby booties of the Cannerbot 2000 we may want to think about maybe getting back to something that people did in a big way years ago, like canning/preserving food It’s lo-tech but its still sexy Baby. It’s canning your own leftovers, your bumper crop of veggies, or even the two tons of chili you and your local firehouse/book club pal’s made. It doesn’t really matter what is for the most part. If you can put it in your mouth and eat it chances are good you can preserve it by canning. Even if you can’t operated the remote to your mega-tainment center, you can still can food. It is that simple friends.

I would suggest that you make it into an event. Invite your favorite foodie friends/family members over and cook up a storm. What ever you love. Try it. If you don’t like try again with something else. You have nothing to lose. you would have thrown out something anyway.

Think about this; You can save mounds of money doing it and have crazy good food to eat anytime you want for up to two years. You could think about in another way. If you don’t at lest try, and something tragic happens to your home town like it did Japan and other places where humans have the habit of eating food, what are going to tell your almost lifeless kid or mom? Sorry I didn’t have the couple of hours a week to invest in your life, I was farming online/I was getting chips and beer for the game etc. Your life is more than a direct deposit and a magnetic swipe. Take ownership of it.

Ice cream and the Glandular avanger

While eating ice cream in my truck at my supermarket’s parking lot at 12:30am I discovered two things. One is I’m out of ice cream, and Two eating ice cream while suffering from the infliction of Good Mood-a-lack-a-tidis seems to a popular pastime with us humans . It’s when having a good day, that others seem driven by a primal directive to derail your good day. Almost like a mood mosquito looking to suck the joy right out of your hide. Periodically releasing anti-joy particles back into you stream. Causing you to become the Mood Grinch as well. Being bombarded daily over and over by these morale busting elements of Life, it’s Easier to see way things like ice cream and candy etc. are flocked to by droves of formally happy and now maligned masses.
I think this quelling by ice cream goes back to hospitals. When we are Kids having our medically deemed unworthy glands removed. The powers that be are swift to replace or at lest try to make us forget our troubles with ice cream. Neatly placing it in placid colored bowls. On color coordinated plastic trays. Always for some reason near bedpans (maybe a sundae boat psych out?) . As kids we are programmed that ice cream will fix our pain and relieve stress. The hospitals emphatically reenforce this notion by giving us as kids the moogical, magical stress reliving concoction. Later in life maybe we find ourselves more readily able to reach for ice cream, candy and all other manor of conceived desserts both legal and otherwise. Even if the initial thought was to temporarily escape.
How does one combat assaults on ones internal happiness? You could hit them squarely on their jaw with a Fisher Price hammer. This is not the answer my friends. Either is rubbing honey on said offenders coffee mug and bussing in agitated, honey crazed bears. You may think this is the way to a warm fuzzy feeling of retribution. It’s not. I’t’s just the bears standing too close and breathing on you . What’s the answer then? Is it Forgiveness? Is it Retaliation or maybe better Communication skills? I don’t know. I just finished my ice cream. I’m going home to sleep on it. If you know the answer share it.