Breading Eggplant Using The Standard Breading Technique

A quick video to show how to bread eggplant using “The Standard Breading Technique”, This method can be used in most breading and frying situations. Bread crumbs in video were Japanese styled panko bread crumbs and the oil temperature for deep frying was set to 375 degrees.

This video may be informative but is for entertainment purposes only.


Spinach Feta Pie You Won’t be Fed Up To The Eye With


Made a super yum yum for the tum tum today, a spinach pie with feta in a savory egg cream custard, that was silky yet firm and flavorful. I used sheets of puff pastry that I pre-baked until a speck of golden color was seen, removing from the oven and separating some of the layers of pastry, to be baked further in the oven until completely golden delicious.

Next I lined the bottom of baking pan with some of the crispy tender puff pastry, pouring the baby spinach, cream and egg mixture. concluding with another layer of puff pastry. This layer not as golden as the bottom. Taking in account of more baking soon to come.

Pulled Pork Eggplant Rollatini-ish


I had an idea for a pulled pork inspired Rollatini for dinner. Instead of the usual fair of ricotta cheese and tomato sauce I would choose a pulled pork that was slow cooked for 6 hours, along with a very good goat cheese from Sprout Brook Creek farm. Lastly I used a modified enchilada sauce that I had worked on over the course of a few months to get it where I really liked it a lot. Made it from scratch using tomato and a few varietals of chillies.


Don’t Eat Strudel With Your Poodle? Or Hang At A Brothel Eating Falafel? Then Behold!!

Don’t Eat Strudel With Your Poodle? Or Hang At A Brothel Eating Falafel? Then Behold!!

You say you don’t eat strudel with your poodle. or hang at a Brothel eating Falafel. Then Behold. I give you “The Peekskill Coffee houses deliciously new Belgian Gold. Waffle Gold that is, Texas tea? not needed believe me. My piping hot waffle was golden, fluffy, and had a crispy snappy skin with tasty crunchy edges. Listen to Chef. Don’t even bother slowing your enjoyment down with Syrup. The waffles have the prefect amount of sweetness baked right in and absolutely cry out to be eaten syruptitious in the buff (syrup kids, keep your frock on). Any number of hot or cold Peekskill Coffee House beverages would be a good compliment to any of the various topped waffles. I had my waffle with a Latte (which was very good too). Check em out and let me know what you think.

I publicly admit to a problem


A Chefblog favorite
A Chefblog favorite
I publicly admit to a problem

It’s official. I am publicly admitting I have a problem. The problem is this; I can’t get enough of this stuff. I know what your thinking; Chef Marc”Just do funnels” right? No friends doing funnels is not the answer. First off theres the problem of the nose. . Ding ding ding you got it the nostrils. The nostrils are going to get the full brunt and Stingy power of whatever you’re doing in a funnelish way. Remember, The whole path of least resistance thing? That and the fact it just doesn’t look very dignified, The only person that I’m aware to date that can actually do a funnel in a graceful, debonair, if not in a metallic GQ kind of way would be ; “The Tin Man” from the wizard of Oz. Chances are though the Tin man would be more likely to be doing 40’s of WD, rather than internally rusting to a halt, from my some what obsessive citrus induced water preoccupation. Why do I like it so? It’s got a clean, crisp lemon flavor with a perfectly understated sweetness to it. If Sanpellegrino ever makes kegs of it’s fruit endowed sparkling libation I shall surely have a fortress made of it ( we’ve hide the names of the flavor to protect the fresh innocents of the other fab fruity flavors) . Tune in next week when we discuss the the virtues of wearing aluminum foil undergarments near microwave ovens (kidding)….;)

Why So Blue Pink Bunny?


Why so blue adorable pink Bunny? I’ve been there Pal (see crazed tiger stage right) and totally sympathize. Cheer up my fuzzy little critter cuz, because? There’s light at the end of this Pisher Price tunnel and it’s called the “Fuzzy Boomerang”. (no kid, not duzy boo boo aang) It works like this; first, you need to wait till you folks are old enough to be ever so slightly roughed up but not so much as to traumatize them into standing in front of your childhood home barking like a Shitzu.
Next you’ll need get a van. Preferably one that is high enough to keep from hitting their head but low enough as not to throw a hip or cause a hernia, or or break your dam iPhone in your back pocket with your “Buns of Steel” again.
I recommend making the extra effort and investment of procuring bubble wrap and packing peanuts. To fill the van prior to tossing folks in. I mean come on they are you folks so take the extra care with them.
When the van is prepped and ready call the restaurant to make the reservations. Try to make them at the nearest and preferably the best (good luck finding a good place never mind the best) “all you can eat” buffet. Why an all you eat buffet? Because they’re like a warm Kryptonite sleepytime hug to parents (non lethal ).
Like drunken bees they’ll just kind of aimlessly roll around going buzz buzz we’re drunkin bees he he he. They are now harmless with all defenses deactivated so act quickly.
Now is not the time to dilly dally. As everybody knows the effects of an American Asian styled buffet are temporary and will were off in 15 minutes maybe less. Unless they hit the dessert section twice then tops you’ve got 23 minutes before they get hungry and snap out of it.

Once thrown into the van (enlist siblings and cousins who’ve gotten similar “Christmas Story-ish” wearable gifts from them to help) Take shoes off by rapidly unlacing, making use of a shoe horn can only help in picking up the pace . In most cases the “Shoe removal” part of the show will just simply be the task of unfastening two Velcro straps in one skilled motion. Once shoes are off slide on and secure oversized Bunny outfits you and your extended family made at your quilting sessions at the local community center. Send copies of your pictures to CNN ‘s AndersonCooper with the rest to be used for annually mailed out Christmas/Holiday cards till they run out or the Governor grants a pardon. 😉 kidding of course. Love ya Mom&Dad.

Picture of bunny kid on swing in left picture is from

Happy [insert holiday here] !!


May your travels to loved ones today be effortless.

May your fond memories made today be timeless.

May you always be surrounded by people who love you, and that you are endlessly and always held in their hearts esteem.

Lastly; May your shared meals today wherever you may find them incapsulate my sentiment for you and yours. That you are, at your core, filled so abundantly and have savored so deeply, that the only wordless testament is plainly seen and more importantly, preciously felt on your cheek.
(copywrite Marc Lamash 2013©)

Blue Cheese Omen

I know it sounds crazy. I can’t think of a better reason to explain it away. If its true think of the ramifications. I think there may be good reason to suspect that I’m pregnant.

A Miracle? yes! and no!( I don’t know who the mother is.) Earlier tonight I could think of nothing else but of blue cheese. Talk about a craving .

Even at the store I could have sworn I heard the theme song to the movie “The Omen”was being played through the Muzack system.

You all know the song. The one with the crazy demon choir chanting up to a fever pitched orgasmic ghoul shrill. Have it scorched into your Psyche yet? Now picture me shopping in yonder mega mart with the same tune blasting away in my wittle bwain. My version went something like; get get get get blue cheese. Get get get get get it now” then the shrills start peaking with the refrain to the chant in Latin ;”Sangwichis No No No, Bringimus, Copious Blue Cheesemus Now Now Now” ( Which i was told loosely translated from Latin means,:”We drink your blood, we eat the blue cheese”). Yeah so I bought some blue cheese earlier tonight. Very tasty in deed. Ok Gotta go, think I just felt a kick. 😉 😉