Blue Cheese Omen

I know it sounds crazy. I can’t think of a better reason to explain it away. If its true think of the ramifications. I think there may be good reason to suspect that I’m pregnant.

A Miracle? yes! and no!( I don’t know who the mother is.) Earlier tonight I could think of nothing else but of blue cheese. Talk about a craving .

Even at the store I could have sworn I heard the theme song to the movie “The Omen”was being played through the Muzack system.

You all know the song. The one with the crazy demon choir chanting up to a fever pitched orgasmic ghoul shrill. Have it scorched into your Psyche yet? Now picture me shopping in yonder mega mart with the same tune blasting away in my wittle bwain. My version went something like; get get get get blue cheese. Get get get get get it now” then the shrills start peaking with the refrain to the chant in Latin ;”Sangwichis No No No, Bringimus, Copious Blue Cheesemus Now Now Now” ( Which i was told loosely translated from Latin means,:”We drink your blood, we eat the blue cheese”). Yeah so I bought some blue cheese earlier tonight. Very tasty in deed. Ok Gotta go, think I just felt a kick. 😉 😉


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