Poor Narwhal Never Saw It Coming


Poor Narwhal Never Saw It Coming. Earlier today at ICMUT( institute of chubby mammals with unicorn thingies) a crazed man wearing a Panda jumpsuit ran passed security then leaped into the air executing a flawless “Triple Lindy” with a reverse “Howda Ya Do”, landing in a relaxed straddle position on the unassuming Narwhal sunbathing. When asked way he didn’t stop the man the security guard said: “I didn’t think Pandas could run that fast without wobbling and turfing it. ” After Years of counseling and harnessing the power of positive affirmation (“tea bags are my friend. They make yummy drinks”) Narley as his friends would call him, was seen recently happily working at a Churrascaria in NYC. Seemingly happy and well adjusted from the ordeal from years past. Words to steer away from though to avoid twitching and other flailing about when conversing with Narley are: straddle, cattle, rattle, and for some reason Fennel. ( idk lol). Picture from: http://lisanelsonnd.com/Per2/Arctic%20Animals/narwhal.html


2 thoughts on “Poor Narwhal Never Saw It Coming

  1. Hey Man it’s Zoli. (Zoltan) How have you been? Im so sorry to hear about your father. He passed away on my birthday. But, I can tell you that a friend of mine had a son on my birthday, too. The circle of life, perhaps? Ive read your posts on here… I like it a lot. it’s a great site overall. Ive been writing like mad, and I’m moving back to New Paltz next month. My email is zolirozen@gmail.com and my number is 646 256 4499. I’d like to know how your children’s story is coming along.

    1. Hey Zoli, Thanks about my Dad. I’ve been good lately. Still writing and drawing and pursuing other creative endeavors. Hope your well too. Thanks for checking out my ramblings on the blog.

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