5 thoughts on “Saint Patrick’s Day Edible PAC Man

  1. Chef. What’s up? When you sending some of that cream o cauliflower soup down to me in florida

  2. Chef. When you sending me the cream o cauliflower down to florida. Don’t act like you forgot the best damn potwasher you ever had.

    1. Waves spatula and spoon in air with eye blinking in rapid succession (the tingling means the magic is working) and a Woooooosh!!! Get it yet? You were the bestest. Although we did unbeknownst to you, scan and clone you.
      The Result you ask? The Brendynamo tree thousand. Some enhancement were made, like six foot arms that can reach down deep in the sink without bending over. Heat resistant steel wool hands, which was tricky at first because the Brendynamo kept sanding his nose and left buttcheek off. We fixed it. I should have told you about the cloning thing
      Man, My Bad.
      Hope everything is going well you in Fl. Much love B Man.

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