Stuck in the abyss with chopsticks

Finishing my meal with a bowl of stale butter pecan ice cream, a remnant script from the earths celestially old iridium layer. I sit here envisioning if it would be possible to have this lunch blasted from my memory by a rogue parking lot lightning bolt, effectively erasing just today’s mental etching as I get into my Prius.

Maybe the bolt Possibly spilling over causing a breakthrough by raving up my hybrid to break the sound barrier to Mach my escape away from this ground zero for all things covered in grease. A Crisco sponsored “Plum Island “Experiment gone horribly wrong.

Can’t find it make it, Takoyaki for lunch

Being a New Yorker sometimes you don’t realize how many different kinds of great food you have in an area until you move to a new place. Which I’m sure this is the case for many people from a great many places as well. I love Living in my new hometown of St. Louis but sometimes I miss some of the creature comfort’s of the comfort food I had available . So in my case I decided to make it myself, to which I’m Thoroughly pleased with the results.

Hudson Valley Red Brick Charmer.

You too can own A piece of a dream, with a Grape arbored secret garden to boot. This beautiful red brick house resides in a quaint Rivertown Westchester county along the Hudson Valley and historic Hudson river. Plants by the river on three sides with access to wonderful parks And trails. All can be had within a 5 minute walk. That includes just a five minute drive to the train station to whisk you away to New York City to enjoy shows and great food with your Besties!!

For more detailed Pictures, Specs and this home’s additional features please check out the link below.